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Wind Farm Environmental Assessment, Middle East


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WKC Group Continues to Support the Development of Renewable Energy Projects across the Middle East & Africa

WKC Group has successfully completed detailed environmental assessments of two European Bank of Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) wind farm developments in Jordan. Both projects are located within the Western borders of Ma’an in the South of Jordan within the Sherah highlands. The Al-Rajef Wind Farm project is rated for 85 MW (41 wind turbines), while the Al-Shobak Wind Farm Project is rated for 45 MW (13 wind turbines). The generated power will be fed into the local grid for use by surrounding communities.

In support of gaining governmental approvals and financing, WKC undertook advanced noise, shadow flicker and visual impact assessments; commonly considered the most contentious of issues associated with wind farm projects.

SoundPlan Noise Impact Assessment
Noise Contour Output from SoundPlan

The assessments for both projects were guided by the World Bank Group / International Finance Corporation’s (IFC) ‘Environmental, Health, and Safety Guidelines for Wind Energy’ as well as the local regulatory requirements for Jordan. The guidelines provide good international industry practice for wind energy developments and therefore, combined with rigorous scientific studies, minimise the likelihood that developments will negatively impact the amenity of local communities.

'The completion of these projects is an exciting milestone for WKC as we continue to support environmental assessments within the renewables sector, given the global trend for countries to achieve a portfolio of sustainable energy sources.' Ian James, WKC Director

This work follows on from the growing number of renewable projects in the Middle East and Africa for which WKC has undertaken scientific environmental assessments. Recent examples include:

  • Shams Solar Power Plant, UAE. WKC undertook atmospheric dispersion modelling including stack optimisation for the Shams Solar Power Plant booster heaters, which at the time, was the largest parabolic trough power station in the world and a flagship project within the UAE.
  • Kinangop Wind Farm, Kenya. WKC conducted a lender review of the noise impact assessment undertaken in support of the Kinangop Windfarm Project on behalf of a major infrastructure investment company.
  • Makambako Wind Farm, Tanzania. WKC delivered a noise screening and layout optimisation study located in Iringa Region, Tanzania.
  • Organic Waste Biogas Facility, South Africa. WKC undertook an air quality, noise and odour impact assessments associated with a flagship waste-to-energy facility located near Durban, South Africa.
  • Shweihan Solar Power Park, UAE. WKC undertook pre-development ecological surveys to ensure potential disturbance associated with the development of this 1.17 GW facility in Abu Dhabi, set to produce power for up to 200,000 homes to natural habitats and ecosystems, is minimised and managed to the extent possible.

For more information regarding WKC’s services in the renewables sector please contact WKC Director, Dr Ian James at ian.james@wkcgroup.com

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