Zero waste farming presentation at bioenergy markets conference


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The inaugural Bioenergy Markets West Africa conference and exhibition will bring together key players from the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) region with global industry experts. This event is a new edition to the Bioenergy Markets Series which is now in its 4th year and has been attended by over 6000 high calibre delegates to date.

Energy is essential to development and without energy countries cannot achieve the Millennium Development Goals. West Africa’s agricultural sector has strong potential for bioenergy production whilst maintaining food security in the region. Agriculture plays a central role in the region accounting on average for 30-40% of GDP and this resource base can be developed with strong policies and practices. According to the United Nations Foundation report ‘Sustainable Bioenergy Development in UEMOA Member Countries’ traditional wood biomass compromises 73% of primary energy in the region. Poor forestry practices must be reversed as they undermine sustainable forest management and reforestation programs. Waste streams and agricultural residues can add to these biomass resources. Locally grown bioenergy crops, sustainably produced, can also be transformed into modern fuels. With the correct policies and choices, the use of bioenergy can also reduce greenhouse gas emissions as energy consumption expands.

West Africa’s agriculture system combines subsistence farming – revolving around staple food crops of millet, sorghum, cassava and rice – with an export oriented sector that produces such crops as cotton, groundnuts, cocoa, coffee, palm, sugarcane and soy. Many countries in the region have recently established renewables & biofuels production policies and many are already working with investors establishing plantations to grow feedstocks. Advancements in bioenergy can help to reduce rising import bills through substitution of locally produced, biopower, biogas, bioethanol and biodiesel.

Key Reasons to Attend

* Gain an in depth understanding of the West African bioenergy market
* Understand the policy support and stage of development in each country
* Learn which bioenergy feedstocks are available in each country
* Listen to experts share their predictions on future market growth
* Identify investment opportunities in the region
* Flexible pricing options
* 50% off attendance at World Biofuels Markets for attendees at this event
* Case studies from across the region and beyond
* Participate in a series of interactive panel discussions and help shape this fast moving market
* Benefit from first class networking opportunities though our online networking tool prior to, during and after the event

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