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  • What Exactly Is A Winch?

    What Exactly Is A Winch?

    A winch the type of tool that was created to lift or pull objects with a rope or cable. The fundamental design of most winches is fairly simple. They typically comprise of a drum or spool that this cable or rope is wrapped around. The most basic winches have handles attached that let them be cranked yourself. To work the winch, all you need to do is attach the cable or rope(cable o cuerda) on ...

  • FTTH Terminal Box

    FTTH Terminal Box

    The FTTH terminal box is made of ABS material and is a box for protecting optical fiber cable and pigtail welding at the termination of the optical cable, and is mainly used for straight-through ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Fiberglass Cable Tray

    Fiberglass Cable Tray

    Enduro cable tray (cable ladder) has long been the industry standard for high quality fiberglass cable tray. Made from the highest quality pultruded materials, Enduro cable tray is extremely durable and resistant to chemical attack. Our fiberglass cable tray has been used in the most corrosive and structurally demanding environments across the globe, including offshore platforms, chemical plants, ...