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  • Cast Resin Joints
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    Cast Resin Joints

    By Contact Italia

    Cast resin joints are used to create low voltage connections (0.6/1 kV) with single-pole armoured and non-armoured wires (type series FG7R, FG7OR) with sections up to 630 mm² e multi-pole up to five conductors with ...

  • High Pressure Laminates
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    High Pressure Laminates

    By Synthane Taylor (Canada) Limited

    Large Inventory of High Pressure Laminates, Grades X, XX, XXX, C, CE, L, LE, G-3, G-5, G-7, G-9, G-10 / FR4, G-11, G-12, Polyimide and more, All grades meet or exceed Military and Industry standards.

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  • Brandoni Solare Spa

    Brandoni Solare Spa

    Brandoni is a completely Italian company. In 2003 the Group foresees the great potential of the renewable energy sector and in 2007 established ...

  • Sonya Ceramics

    Sonya Ceramics

    Since 1960 Sonya has been a progressive leader in the ceramic industry earning a reputation for quality, service & dependability. Sonya group ...



    ISOVOLTA is a leading manufacturer of electrical insulation materials, technical laminates and composite materials. As an export-oriented and ...