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  • 4 Things Germany and partners can do to strengthen the international renewable energy club

    After winning Germany’s federal elections on September 22nd, Chancellor Angela Merkel is in the middle of difficult coalition talks to form a new government. Because Merkel’s party, the Christian Democrats, did not win an absolute majority in parliament, it must find a new coalition partner. The party has begun negotiations with Social Democrats to form a grand coalition.Importantly, ...


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  • Double-stage Transformer Oil Purifier

    Double-stage Transformer Oil Purifier

    Series ZYD Double-stage-vacuum transformer oil purifier can completely and quickly remove water, trace water, gas, particles as well as other harmful ingredients from oil to improve oil`s dielectric strength, effectively making sure electric equipments working safely and normally. Series ZYD vacuum oil purifier is particularly suitable for treating high-grade transformer oil, super-voltage ...