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  • EV System Integration - Case Study

    Situation The use of smart charging systems for electric vehicles (EV) using cloud-based monitoring and management is on the rise. EV Charging Management Systems are crucial for managing the various expectations of those involved in the EV charging ecosystem. Through a dedicated interface, EV-owners can be provided with real-time information by the management system. Systems should not only ...


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  • Industrial Biogas Plants

    Industrial Biogas Plants

    Our industrial biogas plants are based on the patented Anaerobic Digestion Accelerator technology, ADA, a systemcreated by nature in deep waters and developed by us. It isat its best when processing energy-rich biowaste, such asfats and animal proteins.These substances also have the highest energy productionpotential. Preseco industrial biogas plants fulfil the EUhygienization requirements and ...