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  • Relevant Introduction of Ground Wire

    Relevant Introduction of Ground Wire

    Copper clad steel ground rod wire function: High-voltage ground wire is used for line and transformer construction. It prevents electrostatic induction shock or misclosure of nearby charged body to ensure safety. Due to poor insulation performance or humid environment, there will be a certain static electricity in their cases of household electrical appl

  • 10 Facts you didn’t know about Wind Energy

    The oldest rotary windmills are considered to have been used regularly in agriculture and other purposes since 2000 B.C. by peoples of what would today be China and the Middle East who already sensed ...


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  • Plasma Power Generators

    Plasma Power Generators

    An Arc-Bias Solution that Brings a New Level of Precision and Productivity to Cathodic Arc Processes. Solvix power supplies are specifically designed to enable advanced, high-tech coatings.