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High voltage cables equipment for Power Distribution

  • Premium

    Model E Series - Regulated, High-Precision, DC-to-DC High Voltage Supplies

    Advanced Energy’s UltraVolt E series of regulated, DC-to-DC supplies are designed for high-performance applications where low ripple and stable performance over temperature are essential.

  • Solar String Optimizer

    The Solar String Optimizer (SSO) opens the door for innovating possibilities. The string optimizer facilitates a distributed MPP tracker optimizing energy harvest from a string of PV solar panels as irridiation changes over the day.The SSO deliver a fixed 760V output to the DC nanogrid for high voltage and low loss energy transmission to either ...

    By Ferroamp Elektronik AB based in Spånga, SWEDEN.

  • Sun Charger - Model 30 - Solar Charge Controller

    A precise PWM solar charge controller 12V/30 amp entry level quality solar controller. Available with LVD and Lighting control signal Winner of RV West Magazine Readers Choice Award 2013. A precise PWM solar charge controller 12V/30 amp entry level quality solar controller. PWM control combined with a sophisticated 3-stage charge algorithm to ...

    By Blue Sky Energy Inc. based in Vista, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Biogasmart - Model ST - Elevated Biogas Flare Stack

    The T flare is a self-supported elevated flare (open type) complete with a safety ladder and an upper platform that allow access to the nozzle and ignition and flame control equipment. The flame shield is designed to prevent accidental flame extinguishing and provides a chamber lined with fiberceramic for more complete biogas combustion.

    By Biogasmart based in Gadesco Pieve Delmona, ITALY. from Combustion Product line

  • Biogasmart - Model HE-Type - High Efficiency Biogas Flare Stack

    HE-Type is an enclosed ground flare; combustion takes place within a cylindrical chamber lined with fiberceramic and this causes a higher destruction efficiency of the biogas in comparison to open flares. Enclosed combustion also makes flame and noise less perceptible and for this reason these flares are normally selected for installation in ...

    By Biogasmart based in Gadesco Pieve Delmona, ITALY. from Combustion Product line

  • MTHPA - Model WNY1008 - Methyl Tetrahydrophthalic Anhydride

    Our MTHPA product of WNY-1008 series is widely used in epoxy potting materials, casting materials, bonding, lamination, impregnation, molding and winding processes, as well as insulation bushings, oil pipelines, fishing machinery and so on.For example: casting and filling electronic components, large dry-type transformers, high-voltage switches, ...

    By Jiaxing Nanyang Wanshixing Chemical Co., Ltd. based in Jiaxing, CHINA.

  • Model Style UL3239 - High Voltage Wire

    Internal wiring of electronic equipment or TV receivers. Conductor material of Tinned or Bare copper. Operating temperature -40°C ~150 °C. Rated Voltage 30 kV or less than 30kV. Flame resistance VW-1 or FT2. RoHS Compliant. Covered working voltage rating for 3 kV to 30 kV.

    By Flex Wires Inc. based in Pomona, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Silicone Insulated Wire Product line

  • ZTT - Extra & High Voltage Power Cable

    ZTT is an experienced and reliable manufacturer and supplier of power cable. It forms about 5,000 kilometers of (extra) high voltage (hereafter called EHV/HV) power cables annual output and becomes a professional company and satisfies different customers’ requirements with quickest delivery time.

    By ZTT Group based in Jiangsu Province, CHINA. from Smart Grid Product line

  • Master - Model 15° ÷ 35° - Impulse Sprinklers of Long and Medium Throw

    Slow reverse raingun with variable jet-angle for high capacity rotating at full or part circle. Suitable for watering machines or normal installations, particularly in windswept land, fields with low electric air-lines at high voltage and for fertilization.

    By Sime Idromeccanica Srl based in Guastalla (RE), ITALY. from Impulse Sprinklers of Long and Medium Throw Product line

  • General-Cable - Substation Cable

    For proven solutions that meet specific substation power requirements, General Cable offers electric utility cables that include TransPowr® ACSR, AAC and 1350-0 bare overhead transmission conductors, bare copper and Dead Soft Annealed Copper Clad Steel (DSA CCS) grounding conductors, and PowrNet® 600 V secondary network ...

    By General Cable based in Lawrenceburg, KENTUCKY (USA). from Energy - Substation Cable Product line

  • Injet - Model PDA - Programming DC Power Supply Module

    Mainly used in MOCVD,laser,magnet accelerator,laboratory etc.

    By Sichuan Injet Electric Co., Ltd. based in Deyang City, CHINA. from DC Power Supply Module Product line

  • RADOX - Model 4 GKW-AX 1800V M - Flexible Single Core Power Cables

    RADOX 4 GKW-AX 1800V are compact, flexible single core power cables, designed for minimum cable weight and diameter. These cables meet the requirements of the modern railway industry. They are halogen free, flame retardant, low smoke and have a low toxicity index. Demands for temperature, abrasion, ozone and oil resistance are also easily ...

    By HUBER+SUHNER AG based in Herisau, SWITZERLAND. from Low and High Voltage - Signal-/Power Cables Product line

  • Megger - Model 50/100 kV - AC Dielectric Tester

    The 50/100 kV AC Dielectric Test Sets are ac high-voltage sources for testing electrical insulation. The standard system includes a control/instrument cabinet, a high-voltage transformer assembly and all necessary cables including ground and input power. These test sets consist of general-purpose ac high-voltage sources suitable for dielectric ...

    By Megger based in Dallas, TEXAS (USA). from Insulation Testing - AC Insulation Testing Product line

  • Model Spider Cart - Power Lines Maintenance Cart

    The Spider Cart is an innovative tool to perform safely the maintenance of the power lines on a simple line with a 32 degrees slope capacity. It is designed to bypass any obstacles on high voltage power lines such as insulator string, vibration damper, aircraft warning marker, arcing ring, etc.

    By Movex Innovation based in Shawinigan, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Electrical Utility Equipment Product line

  • Un-Bonded Linings

    This type of lining process does not rely on bonding of the liner to the steel and is therefore capable of operating at higher temperatures. These linings are available in FEP, PFA and PTFE and for larger equipment the lining can be mechanically fixed to the shell. This type of lining is suitable for temperatures up to 260 deg C depending on the ...

    By Plastichem Limited based in Rochdale, UNITED KINGDOM. from Lining & Coating Product line

  • Scott - Cross-Flow Hydro Turbine/Generator Unit

    Unlike most water turbines, which have axial or radial flows, in a cross-flow turbine the water passes through the turbine transversely, or across the turbine blades. As with a water wheel, the water is admitted at the turbine's edge. After passing the runner, it leaves on the opposite side. Going through the runner twice provides additional ...

    By Scott Hydroelectric based in WASHINGTON (USA).

  • Steel Poles

    The high power lines or transport are those which nominal voltage is equal or higher than 60 kV.These lines link the production centers (thermal, hydro, wind) to substations or between several substations. They are usually overhead, however, can be undergroundirlines, they are constituted by supports, normally metallic, with drivers suspended or ...

    By Metalogalva – Irmãos Silvas, SA based in Trofa, PORTUGAL. from Energy Product line

  • Line Conditioners Stabilizers

    These have been designed to provide the highest level of protection to electrical appliances connected to distribution lines disturbed by sudden voltage variations, HF noises and spikes. Statistically, these phenomena represent more than 95% of electric anomalies that could be the cause of breakdowns and poor operation of any kind of appliance ...

    By IREM SpA based in Borgone Susa, ITALY. from Power Supply Product line

  • High and Extra-High Voltage Cables

    The Group manufactures high voltage cables since 1970. More specifically, from 1970 to 1996 the Group was manufacturing paper insulated high voltage cables. From 1996 onwards, the group manufactures high voltage cables with cross linked polyethylene (XLPE) insulation. In 2008 the Group acquired the capacity to manufacture extra-high voltage cables ...

    By Cablel Hellenic Cables Group based in Maroussi, GREECE.

  • Model TT336 - DC Power Transmitter

    The TT336 model is a space-saving four-wire transmitter that isolates and converts a DC current or low voltage input to a proportional control signal. DC current and voltage output are both supported on a single model. An optional DIN rail bus can deliver primary or redundant power to multiple units without wiring. High-voltage isolation separates ...

    By Acromag, Inc. based in Wixom, MICHIGAN (USA). from Signal Converters, Transmitters Product line

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