High voltage insulation

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  • Relevant Introduction of Ground Wire

    Relevant Introduction of Ground Wire

    Copper clad steel ground rod wire function: High-voltage ground wire is used for line and transformer construction. It prevents electrostatic induction shock or misclosure of nearby charged body to ensure safety. Due to poor insulation performance or humid environment, there will be a certain static electricity in their cases of household electrical appl



    OVERVIEWMethyl tetrahydrophthalic anhydride (MTHPA, MeTHPA) is a new type of liquid organic acid anhydride epoxy resin curing agent with excellent performance. Because the anhydride curing agent has ...


  • How to Arc Weld

    How to Arc Weld

    Shielded Metal arc welding is the process of joining two metal pieces using a flux covered electrode which is melted can an electrical arc and becomes a fused section of the pieces being welded. This composition will mean the use of flux-coated ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Fixed Gain Output Current Sensors

    Fixed Gain Output Current Sensors

    The MCA1101-50-5 is part of Aceinna’s new generation of fully integrated, isolated, current sensor ICs that provide industry benchmark performance for accuracy, bandwidth, and step response time.  With total error as low as 1.5% (typ), 3dB bandwidth of 1.5MHz with low phase delay, and