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  • Wooden & Bamboo Serial

    Wooden & Bamboo Serial

    PERFECT DECORATION Crafted from high-quality wood or bamboo wood, the wooden wireless charging station is lightweight and durable, stylish and unique. The concise appearance and compatible design make it not only an easy-to-use charger but also a decorative piece to your desk. Effortlessly add a pastoral vibe with its wooden outside and meet your various charge needs with its high-tech ...


  • ProBloc B IOOO DC

    ProBloc B 1000 DC is 20kA per conductor, the pulse current is 6.25kA per conductor. In addition, ProBloc B 1000 DC offers safety up to 1,000 volts of permanent operating voltage. UL Type 1 CA certified and future-proof for a large number of DC ...

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