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  • Wooden & Bamboo Serial

    Wooden & Bamboo Serial

    PERFECT DECORATION Crafted from high-quality wood or bamboo wood, the wooden wireless charging station is lightweight and durable, stylish and unique. The concise appearance and compatible design make it not only an easy-to-use charger but also a decorative piece to your desk. Effortlessly add a pastoral vibe with its wooden outside and meet your various charge needs with its high-tech ...

  • DOB LED Series

    DOB LED Series

    Compared with DC LED modules, DOB(driver on board) Series module doesn't need to connect external driver so that it can help to reduce the circuit cost and the size of luminaires. It is more ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Rack-Mount Overvoltage Protection

    Rack-Mount Overvoltage Protection

    The deployment of Remote Radio Head (RRH) architecture poses unique challenges to the mobile telecom industry. Raycap’s innovative RRH protection solutions mitigate the risk of damage due to lightning and provide high levels of availability and reliability to radio equipment.