Power Distribution

Articles & Whitepapers

  • Predictable Wind Power

    Predictable Wind Power

    Maximizing value by peering into the futureWind power is variable, but predictable!Let’s not beat around the bush: wind power is variable.  Output power of a wind turbine varies with the wind speed and every location will have some degree of wind speed variations around an average value. Even on a windy night in Vanuatu, wind speed and thus

  • Ground Module

    Ground Module

    BEST Grounding ModulePerformance and characteristics of BEST grounding module:The low-resistance grounding module is a non-metallic material-based grounding body composed of non-metallic minerals ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Friction Torque Limiter

    Friction Torque Limiter

    Torque limiters and couplings are designed to slip during a torque overload, while still transmitting the adjusted torque. They provide dependable solutions to the problems of torque control and overload protection in power transmission equipment. These clutches include one or more friction discs mounted on an inner hub, a single nut adjustment to easily pre-sets the torque. Similar static and ...

Upcoming Events

  • DPE Distributed Power Europe - 2019

    DPE Distributed Power Europe - 2019

    DISTRIBUTED POWER EUROPE is the new exhibition of the Onsite Power Industry. An event that summarizes the articulated Italian and European offer. An international event in Italy dedicated to the power generation. A showcase for technologies and components of the gensets. A place to find the latest technological innovations.