Transformer Oil Monitoring

Articles & Whitepapers

  • Methods of oil/fuel analysis

    PC GlobeCore can propose you to make a reclaiming test of yours example of fuel (oil) to verify the possibility of clean it. If the oil is contaminated and not suitable for use, filtration can be recommended. Or, you can also make this test by yourself using our laboratory/test-bench transformer oil vacuum regeneration system UVR. The regenerated samples exceeded yours expectations. Average ...

  • On-site regeneration of transformer oil

    Regeneration of transformer oil at the transformer’s location is an important preventive measure of transformer servicing. Transformer life time is, in essence, the life time of its ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Transformer Oil Pumps End Suction (Elbow)

    Transformer Oil Pumps End Suction (Elbow)

    The pump and driving motor are assembled as a unit on a common shaft. The transformer oil circulates through the windings thus eliminating any shaft seal and avoiding the danger of oil leakage or entry of air. The complete unit is weatherproof and can be arranged for horizontal or vertical mounting with a variety of branch positions on end suction and side outlet.