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  • Driving Recorder

    Driving Recorder

    Supercapacitors have fast charging and discharging speed, stable performance, environmental protection and safety, and are very suitable for automotive electronics applications such as driving recorders.   The driving recorder needs to have backup power during use. The use of super capacitor car ...

  • UPS


    The function of the supercapacitor ups is often determined in the first few seconds to a few minutes after the power failure or the instantaneous collapse of the grid voltage. The battery needs ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Solderable Ultracapacitors Small Cell

    Solderable Ultracapacitors Small Cell

    Rated voltage 3VDC. 3 up to 1 OOF capacitance. High capacitance and low ESR. High cycle life of 500`000 cycles. Excellent DC life performance. Wetting proof design. Small size.