A.M.P. Miran Pavlovec s.p

- Model AM 90 - Solar Modules


Module AM90 is made of high quality materials from 36 pieces of 5' polycristaline cells. On the modules are integrated Tyco Electronics junction boxes with cables and multi connectors. These connectors enables to connect modules quickly and realiably. Cells are safely encapsulated with special EVA foil from well known producer Solutia and they are placed on quality solar glass. Modules have frames made out of aluminium which enables quick fixation on different construction. Components are tested acording standard IEC 61215 ED.2. These A.M.P. solar panels are great for battery charging, lighting systems, caming cars, boats, etc.

  • Dimensions:555mm x 1210mm x 35mm
  • Solar cells:Multicrystalline 125mm x 125mm
  • Number of cells:36
  • Max power:90 W
  • Power output tolerance: ± 5%
  • Short circulit current:5,4 A
  • Open circulit voltage:21,7 V
  • Maxsimum system voltage:120 V
  • Weight:9,5 Kg
  • Power guarantee:80% after 25 years

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