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- Model 0.25/0.3/0.3HV-I-OUTD .25kW to .3kW - Microinverter System



ABB’s MICRO Inverter enables individual panel output control when flexibility and modularity are required. This ABB MICRO Inverter enables individual panel output control. Individual panel output control can reduce shading and mismatching effect. ABB‘s MICRO is is the best alternative to the traditional string inverters that ABB is famous for. The individual panels can be installed in different orientations which reduce the efficiency losses in a variety of challenging conditions.

The Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) algorithm maximizes energy and flexibility.

The proprietary MPPT algorithm works at the level of each solar panel in any light condition offering more energy output. This inverter has a maximum efficiency of 96.5%. The electrolyte-free power converter further increases the life expectancy. The compatible and proprietary wireless communication hub, Concentrator Data Device (CDD), simplifies installation.


  • The high speed and precise MPPT algorithm offers real time power tracking and improved energy harvesting.
  • HF isolation to fit any application that requires the positive grounding of DC input terminals
  • Reduced susceptibility to fault. In case of a component failure only the energy produced from one PV module will be lost.
  • Outdoor enclosure for unrestricted use under any environmental conditions.

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