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- Model PM240PA0 - Photovoltaic Module with Microinverter



BenQ Solar AC Unison is a new breakthrough in solar photovoltaic (PV) technology. BenQ Solar combines its premium PV module with reliable microinverter technology to maximize PV benefits for installers and end users. The integrated microinverter converts module DC to grid compliant AC at each module. This increases system performance by up to 25%, reduces shading losses, and makes PV safer to install and own. BenQ Solar AC Unison is installed, monitored, and maintained with ease.

All BenQ Solar PV products are manufactured under BenQ Solar ’s strict quality control standards. BenQ Solar AC Unison is designed for 25 years of efficient production.

  • High and Stable Energy Output
    • Harvests 5 to 25% more energy than traditional systems
    • Module level monitoring
    • Designed for 25-year reliability
  • Economic: Modular flexibility suits any budget or rooftop
    • Simplified PV system reduces installation costs
  • Safe: No high voltage DC means safe installation and ownership

  • Part-No.: PM240PA0_01
  • Manufacturer/Brand: BenQ Solar - AC Unison Series
  • AC Continuous max. Power Output: 225 W
  • AC Nominal Voltage: 240 V
  • AC Nominal Frequency: 60 Hz
  • AC Nominal Output Current: 0.9375 A
  • AC Nom. Operating Voltage Range: 211 - 264 V
  • AC Nom. Operating Frequency: 59,3 - 60,5 Hz
  • Max. Quantity each 20A Branch: 17 pcs.
  • CEC Weighted Efficiency: 94.50 %
  • Peak Inverter Efficiency: 95.50 %
  • DC Output Power: 235 W, 240 W
  • DC Power Tolerance: 0 / +3%

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