Advanced Climate Technologies, LLC (ACT)

- Wood Pellet and Wood Chip Boilers


Advanced Climate Technologies manufactures high-efficiency wood pellet and wood chip boilers for commercial, institutional multi-family residential buildings. The boiler systems range in size from 0.5 to 1.7 Million Btus for buildings sized 5,000-100,000 ft². ACT Bioenergy Boilers have been specifically designed to optimize customer convenience and ease-of-use to compliment or completely replace conventional fossil fuel boilers systems in buildings.

  • Compact size for ease of installation
  • Fully automated operation including ignition and ash removal
  • High efficiency due to large heat exchanger surface area and superior insulation
  • Low emissions due to innovative gasifier design that ensures complete, clean combustion
  • Remote monitoring capability
  • Multiple safety interlocks

  • Two Stage gasification process which ensures clean and complete burning of the fuel
  • Fuel is fed up through the center of the burner plate where it is heated to about 750ºF to release all the volatile gases contained in the fuel
  • Air is injected tangentially from above the burn plate and complete combustion of the volatile gases occurs at temperatures up to 2000ºF
  • Innovative system design and controls ensure complete combustion of the fuel
  • Emissions are 20 times lower compared with conventional large wood boilers

  • A hot air blower is used to automatically ignite the fuel
  • The operating status of the boiler is constantly monitored
  • Automatically adjusted based on the conditions in the combustion chamber and the heat demands of the building
  • Ash is automatically scraped from the boiler and heat exchanger tubes to maintain optimal heat transfer conditions
  • The ash is moved by augers out of the boiler to a collection bin
  • Typically the ash collection bin must be emptied every 3-6 weeks

  • The boiler operation can be remotely monitored
  • Can be controlled through computer modem
  • System has multiple safety interlocks
  • Interlocks will automatically shut down the system if unsafe operating conditions occur
  • Remote monitoring capability
  • Multiple safety interlocks

  • Our facility and our welders are certified by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)
  • The boiler designs are extremely durable
  • They are low maintenance
  • The boilers are highly reliable

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