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- Model TCP-X-Unit - Advanced Terminal Management System


The TCP-X-Unit – Transmitter and translator in one; Advanced terminal management systems like OpenTAS digitize and modernize the entire tank terminal business – and deliver many competitive benefits. However, legacy field devices can often be a stumbling block in modernization projects because they speak a different language than today’s software.

New field equipment? Not with the TCP-X-Unit

The TCP-X-Unit is the compact solution for communication between field equipment and the terminal management system: The powerful microcomputer translates the signals provided by existing loading equipment and transmits it to state-of-the-art software via the Internet – without requiring any investment in new field devices!

Field equipment ready for the Internet

Just connect you field equipment with the Internet and get ready for the Internet of Things. The TCP-X-Unit ensures that you never lose sight of your data. Operate the device remotely and monitor the transmitted data from anywhere.

  • Simplified Hardware Landscape
    One TCP-X-Unit controls up to three peripheral devices, thus reducing hardware costs.
  • Powerful Microcomputer
    The Matrix-504 microcomputer now delivers even more performance: three ports, a powerful processor, plenty of RAM.
  • Sturdy Design
    The Unit has been designed specifically for rough environments: no movable parts, robust casing, explosion-protected.
  • Accessible from anywhere. Anytime.
    Thanks to its web service, you can launch, configure, maintain and update the TCP-X-Unit remotely via your Internet browser.
  • Data Monitoring
    The remote monitoring feature enables you to always keep track of the information transmitted.
  • Connectivity to all manufacturers
    The TCP-X-Unit supports the types of field equipment most commonly deployed by tank terminals and refineries: MCO1, Siemens-3964R, TRANSPARENT, SMITH, MODBUS ASCII and MFX80.
  • No IT knowledge required for replacements
    Replacing a failed TCP-X-Unit has never been easier: Staff simply connect a preconfigured backup device. Then the IP address is set. Everything elese is handled automatically by OpenTAS.

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