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Ocean Navitas’ technology is called The Aegir Dynamo. The name is derived from the name for the Norse god of the sea ‘Ægir’ and the definition of a dynamo ‘an electrical generator’. The Aegir Dynamo functions in a unique fashion by generating electrical current from the motion of the prime mover in one phase via a direct mechanical conversion and the use of a bespoke buoyancy vessel.

As can be seen in the simplified diagram on the right: The principle is fairly simple, an Aegir Dynamo is housed in a sealed central column which remains in a relatively stationary position due to ballast and the moored reactor plate at its base. The Buoyancy float moves up and down due to its reaction to the change in water level and the effect of gravity.

  • The motion of the buoyancy float is transferred to the Aegir Dynamo by a shaft.
  • The Aegir Dynamo converts both the upward motion of the waves and the downward motion of gravity into singular direction rotational energy.
  • This rotational energy is then transferred to a standard permanent magnet alternator as developed for the wind turbine energy.
  • The Aegir Dynamo power take-off system has been proven through testing to convert approx 86% of all captured energy into electricity.
  • The result is clean, predictable and reliable electricity at a calculated cost competitive with traditional fossil fuels when deployed in 'farms'.
  • The the Aegir Dynamo is also designed to be modular allowing several units to be installed in the same device. This effectively means that the technology can be stepped up in rated power output without significant losses in efficiency or increases in size.
  • The technology has been designed for deployment in two formats, one for off-grid shorebased applications to service isolated coastal communities, and one for offshore buoy formats to generate commercial levels of electrical energy in farms.
  • Details of the Aegir Dynamo™ mechanism can only be obtained at this time on approval by contacting Ocean Navitas Ltd.

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