- Gas-Assist Flares for the Shale Play



Gas-assisted flares are flares that use an additional source of fast-moving gas at the flare tip to mix with the waste gas and create additional turbulence to ensure adequate mixing with air, which in turn provides for smokeless combustion. Typically utilized when you have a readily available source of natural gas, and a preference to not use a blower-based air-assisted flare system, these gas-assist flares meet Quad O and 40 CFR 60.18 requirements. Available in sizes as small as 4 in. x 25 ft. through to 8 in. x 40 ft. in standard sizes, typically capacity ranges from 1.5 to 10.65 MMSCFD. Also available in tandem dual HP/LP, or in tri-riser HP/MP/LP configurations.

AEREON works across the complete oil and gas supply chain to provide comprehensive solutions for all of your gas and vapor handling, combustion and recovery needs.

We specialize in innovative, high quality and cost-effective custom engineered or standard
options for:

  • Flares
  • Enclosed Combustors
  • Vapor Recovery Units
  • Thermal Oxidizers

At AEREON, we provide our customers environmentally-compliant solutions that meet stringent air quality regulations.

Through our Flare Industries and Jordan Technologies brands and with over 30 years of experience, we are able to offer our clients a broad portfolio of solutions and services from initial design through aftermarket servicing.

AEREON can be your single source supplier for all of your gas and vapor combustion, handling and recovery equipment needs.
Partnering with you, AEREON’s own in-house engineering staff and service division can provide either a pre-engineered standard flare solution for almost any application or a completely customized flare system.

AEREON’s Vapor Recovery Units (VRUs), Flares, Enclosed Combustors and Thermal Oxidizers are all part of the complete solution for your emission control application and can be combined with one another or installed individually to handle your specific needs.

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