- Model 270 - Electronic Pilot



The Model 270 RETRAX is a high-tech, retractable, electronic pilot which meets the technical requirements of our clients. This advanced design allows the plant operators to lower the RETRAX pilots individually or all at once for ease of maintenance. Since the RETRAX can be lowered from grade, operators need not wait for a plant shut down to service the pilots. The Model 270 RETRAX allows customers to forego ladders and platforms altogether which further saves our customers money in capital expenditure.

The Model 270 RETRAX Pilot, like the Model 250 ENGERGEX, is a high alloy, stainless steel pilot which combines a high voltage electronic Excitor and high energy spark rod to provide rapid, reliable ignition.More importantly, the RETRAX pilot provides instantaneous reignition if the pilot should ever lose its flame. This pilot system uses a fuel gas line much like other standard pilots, however instead of a Flame Front Generator, it utilizes the “Excitor” which produces a high voltage arc inside the pilot nozzle.

  • Fully retractable for ease of maintenance
  • Low maintenance costs: does not require crane
  • Eliminates need for ladders and platforms
  • Rapid re-ignition response time
  • Low fuel consumption
  • Durability due to high alloy, stainless steel construction
  • Reliability: ignition and re-ignition
  • Flame stability: wind velocities up to 150 mph (240 km/hr)

  • Fully retractable for ease of maintenance
  • High alloy steel construction
  • Robust spark rod assembly
  • 110, 240, or 24 volt power options
  • Manual or automatic operation

  • Length: 11’-0” (4.3m)
  • Weight: 52 lb. (23.6 kg)

Standard Metallurgy:

  • Head 309/310 SS
  • Pilot gas line 316 SS
  • Excitor line 316 SS
  • Inspirator Cast Iron
  • Consumption: 44 SCFH of Natural Gas @ 8 psig
  • Fuel: Natural gas, propane, butane

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