- Rotor Magnet Assembly Technology


Current is generated by a (rotor) magnet assembly, which is rotated by a blade moving across a power circuit (stator). Micro electricity and multiple turbines combine to capture the lowest winds and accumulate their power.

Each leaf on the tree produces electricity from the slightest waft of air within a radius of 360°. It offers immediate consumption in proximity to end-use, while providing an esthetic, emotional contribution to urban landscapes.

The electronic regulator in each leaf harvests the maximum amount of power every second.   

Its vertical-axis turbine makes it completely unobtrusive.   

Adaptable to every need, from 500W to 3 kW.   

A Plug & Play system allows the consumer to change the individual Aeroleafs without risk (drop in tension).   

A solidly-built mechanism, devoid of belts or gears, for great    erdurability.

The applications under development, consist in combinations of Aeroleafs in groups of 3,12, or 48 that meet the same standards as the
Arbre a Vent (human scale, organic approach, biomimetics, soft generation) but in other forms or on other carrier structures. These   
applications respond to various uses and electrical needs.   

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