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- Model INOX TERRA HP 40 - Heat Pump



Modular turn-key system. Double walled tube construction provides best protection against water ingress. Exchange spacers for up to two control and sensor wires (5 - 15 mm) with plugs (up to a diameter of 45 mm). Highest thermal insulation properties thus better energy yield. Internal fixing of the corrugated stainless steel tubes. Appropriate also for heat pumps with reversible (cooling) operation.

Heat pump piping system, consisting of:

  • Jacket pipe made of PE-HD; two corrugated stainless steel tubes (feed and return);
  • PE protection film; one electric power installation tube 32; a pull-in aid for manufacturer specific control and sensor cables with plugs up to a diameter of 45 mm;
  • two underground warning tapes (heating line/power cable).
  • The entire system is appropriate for water and water-tyfocor mixtures.
  • The maximum temperature range is of -30°C up to +95°C.

Thermal protection:

  • Reference values of thermal conductivity at +40 °C, λ40°C = 0,040 (0,037*) W/mK,
  • at 0 °C, λ0°C = 0,033 W/mK.

Corrugated stainless steel tube:

  • Material no. 1.4404; maximum working pressure at 95°C DN 25/10 bar, DN 32/6,5 bar, DN 40/4,4 bar;
  • Bursting pressure: DN 25 higher 33 bar, DN 32/DN 40 higher 20 bar.

Jacket pipe:

  • The double-walled cable liner pipe is made of PE-HD;
  • the ring stiffness is according to DIN 16961, SR24≥ 16,0 kN/m2;
  • Minimum bending radius: 42,5 cm (DN 25) and 50 cm (DN 32/DN40);
  • Power installation tube: Power installation tube 32 (inner diam. 22 mm) according to DIN EN 50086, for control, sensor and power cables.
  • Insulation AEROFLEX-tube, made of EPDM: Light, flexible, closed-cell synthetic rubber; free of PVC and CFC. Building material code: B2 according to DIN 4102. No embrittlement of copper and stainless steel tubes according to DIN 1988 Part 7;
  • The tubes are marked in order to avoid confusion between feed and return.

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