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- Model INOX Terra Hp Split - Heat Pump



Complete system with pre-insulated twin tubes and two integrated power cable installation tubes. Connection from the heat pump inside the building to the unit outside. Protection against near-surface thermal loss in summer. Simple and fast installation.

Heat pump piping system, consisting of:

  • Jacket pipe made of PE-HD; two corrugated stainless steel tubes (feed and return);
  • AEROFLEX insulation of EPDM, two electric power installation tubes 25; two underground warning tapes (heating line/power cable).
  • The entire system is appropriate for water and water-tyfocor mixtures with a maximum temperature range of -30°C up to +95°C.

Thermal protection:

  • Reference values of thermal conductivity at +40 °C, λ40°C = 0,040 (0,037*) W/mK, at 0 °C, λ0°C = 0,033 W/mK.

Corrugated stainless steel tube:

  • Material no. 1.4404; maximum working pressure at 95°C DN 25/10 bar, DN 32/6,5 bar, DN 40/4,4 bar; Bursting pressure: DN 25 higher 33 bar, DN 32/DN 40 higher 20 bar.

Jacket pipe:

  • The double-walled cable liner pipe is made of PE-HD; the ring stiffness is according to DIN 16961, SR24≥ 16,0 kN/m2;
  • Minimum bending radius 36 cm (DN 25) and 42,5 cm (DN 32/DN40).

Power installation tube:

  • Two Power installation tubes 25 (inner diam.18 mm) according to DIN EN 50086, for control, sensor or power cable.

Insulation AEROFLEX-tube, made of EPDM: Light, flexible, closed-cell synthetic rubber; free of PVC and CFC. Building material code: B2 according to DIN 4102.

  • No embrittlement of copper and stainless steel tubes according toDIN 1988 Part 7;

The tubes are marked in order to avoid confusion between feed and return.

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