SOLAR HOME LIGHT SYSTEM provide the opportunity to the people to enjoy to use lights, fans an home appliances free of cost from solar power permanently without caring for grid power. People can live independent from grid and enjoy freedom from the slavery of the gird. We offer 12 V DC system with solar panels, 12 V DC celling fans of 48' dia with regulator, 20 W LED tube light, 5 V LED lamp, suitable charge controller and battery. In 12 V DC system, you can touch live wire and no shock of electricity at all. (1) 1 FAN, 1 TUBE LIGHT, 1 BULB, CHARGE CONTROLLER 12 V 10 A, SOLAR PANEL 120W, BATTERY 75 Ah, COST US$ 300/- (2) 2 FAN, 2 TUBE LIGHT, 2 BULB, CHARGE CONTROLLER 12 V 20 A, SOLAR PANEL 200W, BATTERY 100 Ah, COST US$ 500/- (3) 5 FAN, 5 TUBE LIGHT, 5 BULB, CHARGE CONTROLLER 12 V 30 A, SOLAR PANEL 400W, BATTERY 150 Ah, COST US$ 900/- Wiring not included in the offer. 4 sq mm wire should be used. You can not enjoy freedom without your own power.

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