Agreenergy Limited

Agreenergy Limited

- Solar & Wind-Up Radio


Our solar & wind-up radio will give you hours of listening pleasure. Each radio features a small solar PV panel and wind up generator to allow fast recharging. The radios have a powerful aerial and come in a range of modern 'transparent' colours.

The functions of the wind-up / solar radio (MR-402):

  1. AM/FM Radio\Lantern\Siren
  2. Always Have Power
  3. Hand Crank Power
  4. Flash Light & Siren Light
  5. Solar Power For the Beach/Crank It By The Pool Side
  6. Lantern
  7. Never Need Batteries
  8. AC Adapter/Headphone Jack
  9. Built-in Rechargeable Nicad Battery
  10. Power Recharging Options:
    1. Solar Power Recharging
    2. Dynamo Power Recharging
    3. AC Power Recharging
    4. Vehicle Power Recharging

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