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- Model HNR Series - Air-Cooled Reversible Heat Pump Heating Capacities: 34kW - 100kW



HNR SERIES consists of a reversible air-cooled heat pump designed to ensure an high performance also in case of low ambient temperature, down to -5°C. These units are designed for applications that require reliability, continuity of operation and guarantee minimum consumption and high energy savings. In particular these units are designed for wineries and breweries to meet every requirement of the vinification cycle.

All the models are equipped with scroll compressors, from one to four compressors in one or two refrigerant circuits, axial fans with electronic fan speed control, brazed plate condenser and coaxial evaporator. The refrigerant used is R410A.

Offered in packaged solutions these Units cover all the user’s needs, from 34 to 100kW in a single Unit.

They can be fully customized upon customer request, with optional components such as water pump, carbon or stainless-steel tank, electronic expansion valve, smart defrost, soft starter, antivibration and low noise version.

The degree of electrical protection is IP54 for all the models. All the units are rigorously tested the Hitema production site before the shipment to ensure to the Customers the best performances and continuity of operation even in the most difficult work conditions.

Compressors: Scroll
Condenser: Coaxial
Evaporator: Air-Cooled, with copper tubes and aluminium finned core
Expansion Valve: Thermostatic (electronic available)
Fans: AC axial with cut phase fan speed regulator
Protection Rating: IP54
Refrigerant: R410A – R454B – R32

  • Multiple compressor design: extreme reliability with great control capacity
  • Integrated hydraulic module with tank as an optional (inverter pumps on request)
  • AC axial with Electronic fan speed control (cut-phase): EC fans on request
  • Different control capabilities on the basis of specific application
  • Already built installation can be INCREASED IN CAPACITY in case of modification of the energy demand

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