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FuturEnergy Ltd

- Model 10 - Wind Turbine


SIL Level 3 independent safety control monitoring.Intelligent wind tracking adapts to wind conditions.Multiple rotor speed limiting systems.Ground level control panel housing electronics, inverter & hydraulics.Remote monitoring and data logging.Hydraulically raised tower.All UK designed & manufactured.GenDrive inverter (UK design & manufacture).Compliant to EN 64100 standards.Single (12KW), split phase & 3 phase (13KW) options.Long warranty and service contract available by FuturEnergy Ltd

  • 60 Pole purpose designed permanent magnet generator (UK manufactured)
  • Power output: 10KW @ 10m/s, 12Kingle Phase, 13KW Max 3 Phase.W Max S
  • 8m Diameter rotor
  • Fully automated control system
  • Hydraulically driven yaw and braking systems
  • SIL Level 3 safety system
  • All UK design & manufacture

  • Tubular Galvanised Steel Tapered Tower.
  • Available in 12, 15, and 18 meter heights dependent on site requirements.
  • Raised and lowered via double hydraulic rams
  • Concrete foundation with high-tension steel cage reinforcement

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