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Air Source Heat Pump Systems (ASHP)



We can also engineer and deliver air source (ASHP) systems that absorb heat from the outside air to heat your building and its hot water, to be installed inside or outside the building. These are cheaper to install than GSHP and have similar peak specific efficiency to GSHP but less constant outputs because of the changes in ambient air temperature. Have you ever felt the back of a fridge? It feels warm. In comparison, the inside of the fridge is cold – however cool the air may be, it is warmer than absolute zero; the refrigeration unit is extracting the difference in temperature. Air source heat pumps  (ASHP) work in a similar way. Heat from the air gets absorbed at a low temperature into a fluid and passed through a compressor where the temperature is increased, consequently being routed to heating systems and water circuits, or even a warm air fan.

What components make up an air source heat pump?

An outdoor heat exchanger coil: This coil extracts heat from ambient air; a rather crucial part of the technology!

An indoor heat exchanger serves to transfer the extracted heat into a medium (air or water), to be utilised by various applications such as fan coils, underfloor heating, radiators and water tanks.


Air source heat pumps are used for interior space heating and also cooling, even in colder climates. In milder climates the pumps can also be used for heating water.

Some ASHP’s have the advantage of being able to produce heat during the winter, whilst also being able to provide cooling during the summer – though it is not technically an air conditioning unit without the option to adjust the humidity of the cool air

Air source heat pumps can be used for fairly low cost space heating; a pump performing with high efficiency can provide up to four times the heat of an electric heater.

Air Source Heat Pumps fulfil the criteria for the Renewable Heat Incentive so why not get in touch with us today to see if this is the option for you.

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