AirScience Technologies Inc.

AirScience Technologies Inc.


- Ethanol Fuel Production


Through its technical cooperation with CFC, AirScience is offering ethanol fuel production plants in the 20 million to 200 million liter per year capacity. According to customer’s preference AirScience will supply complete ethanol plants on a turn-key basis, complete plants on an equipment only basis or specific islands such as ethanol dehydration, fermentation island, DDGS system etc...

Raw material preparation and fermentation systems are specifically designed for various feed stocks such as: cane (juice, syrup, molasses), grain (corn, wheat, rice, sorghum, barley), tuber (cassava, tapioca, potatoes). Preparation options are wet milling system or dry milling systems with material handling and storage systems.

Fermentation process can be batch type or continuous. The proposed fermenter design is proprietary for enhanced contact between yeast and feed-stock. Innovative multi-pressure distillation operating at low temperature for elimination of scaling. Dehydration systems using a choice of technologies: PSA using three tower molecular sieve, per-vaporation separation using membrane, vapor phase membrane separation.

Each of these technologies has its own features and advantages. The selection of the best suited dehydration technology will be made based on the particulars of the feedstock and location of the plant.Green ethanol: AirScience and its technology partner are continuously striving to lower the total energy usage of the bio-ethanol production process and to reduce the carbon footprint of the technology.

Customer reviews

  1. By zafar khawaja on

    An excellant low priced fuel alternative to petrol / gas for cars and other petrol driven machinery.This technology must be encouraged where the raw material to produce ethanol is easily available.

  2. By Jose Luis Landa on

    Interested in Ethanol Production Message: We are Freshco Pacifico SPR, Biodiesel proccesors om Mexico, we are looking for 99.9 % Ethanol in bulk 20,000 liters per container or more. Please send us your bes qotes available for 1,000,000 liters on a monthly basis FOB Laredo TX. Please reply back to Waiting for your kind reply we remain Jose Luis LANDA Import Manager