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ALFA type boilers with mechanical fuel feeding are a set of high-efficiency heat Exchange and burner with fuel tank. Handling comes down to refuel in the tray and periodic removal of ash. Best energetic and exploitation results gives using of good quality fuel, so called eco-pea with calorific value about 27.000 kJ/kg. Boilers construction and wide variety of powers describes their destination - heating investments with the possibility of configuration - connecting units in cascade.

Boiler body is made of furnace and convection part. Furnace has got innovative solution of combustion chamber, which in upper part has got a water screen in the form of vertical channels with wide surface (about 25% of the total surface) causing intense heat removal. Behind the furnace there is a convection part, which is two-way-smoke pipe exchanger with reverse chamber in the lower part and flue placed behind convection part. Boilers are equipped in furnace door, ash box with a drawer and upper and lower convection strings bleed holes Thermal insulation is made in the form of cassettes.

  • variety of fuels used
  • automatic ash removal system
  • water panels with different heating charge in combustion chamber
  • vertical tubular heat exchanger
  • turbolizators that allows easy clearing of the exchanger
  • low flue gas temperature and emissions
  • system of internal diffusion of return water

Basic fuel is coal In the form of eco-pea. Optional coal In the form of fine coal Ml class 25/9 according to PN 82/C-97001 and wood pellet can be used.

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