Albers Alligator

- Biogas Storage Tank


The Albers Alligator Biogas holders are highly suited to storing bio and landfill gasses at pressures of up to 50 mbar.

Gas storage
Alligator created the biogas dome 30 years ago to store bio and landfill gasses. This famous double membrane storage system is now also used at a wide range of water purification, landfill, and agrarian biogas installations (manure digesters). Albers Alligator also makes biogas bags and membranes in a wide range of designs and sizes. These are single-layer gas storage options which can be applied to wide range of uses.

Plenty of experience
Albers Alligator has been supplying gas storage domes and bags for 30 years now. Our years of experience and wide technical knowledge mean we know how to make reliable and low-maintenance storage systems. Albers Alligator creates a balanced whole between the choice of shape, material and production method to provide both the space and manoeuvrability you need. We use the most modern design, cutting and welding methods to this end. 

Albers Alligator

  • has a great deal of experience and expertise in the field of gas domes and holders made from flexible materials.
  • provides advice on material choice, dressing, and installation.
  • works carefully and efficiently.
  • inspects and tests materials and connections in their in-house laboratory.

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