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- Compact Convenient Enclosures for Any Installation


Altergy’s durable, all-weather enclosures are designed to house fuel cells, hydrogen gas generators, or hydrogen cylinders safely and conveniently. Practical and sturdy, their sleek design gives Altergy’s enclosures industrial-strength performance and a clean, purposeful look.

Altergy offers a full line of indoor and outdoor fuel cell power and fuel storage enclosures, including many made from formed and welded aluminum, powder-coated exterior enclosures, and space-saving interior racks. Our exterior enclosures have withstood some of the most severe weather conditions on earth, and our indoor rack mount systems can accommodate any number of fuel cell engines.

Plus, Altergy’s fuel storage enclosures can accommodate steel or lighter-weight composite cylinders, and include “fill-in-place” options to simplify refueling.

  • All weather protection
  • Formed and welded aluminum
  • Powder-coated finish
  • Full-width, swing open hinged doors or removable panels
  • Fill-in-place fuel capability (optional)
  • Pressure regulator and supply hoses included
  • Many styles and sizes to choose from
  • House up to 40kW in a single module
  • Easy access for fuel cell maintenance
  • Indoor rack-mount cabinet available

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