Altius Fotovoltaic

Altius Fotovoltaic

- Model AFM-72-305 Series / 290W - 305W - High Performance Solar Modules



External Dimensions: 1656x992x50mm. Weigh: 24.0kg. Solar Cells: Monocrystalline 156x156mm (72pcs). Front glass: 3.2mm tempered glass, low iron. Frame: Anodized/Electrophoretic aluminium alloy. Junction Box: IP65/IP67. Output Cables: 4.0mm2, symmetrical lengths 900mm. Connector: MC4 Compatible. Maximum Snow Local: 550 kg/m2. Maximum Wind Load: 200 km/h. Hailstone Impact Test: 80km/h for 25mm ice ball.


a. Glass

  • Allows for an excellent passing of light which amounts to more electrical energy
  • Anti-reflective glass is optional
  • Very good mechanical load performances: 5400 Pascals
  • SPF-U1 Certified

The Anti-reflective glass is obtained using nanometric technology. Under normal solar radiation, the energy transmission is 2% higher than regular glass. The panel gains efficiency, the energy produced increasing by 4%. The covering is perfectly uniform. The life-span is over 25 years and the panel is easy to clean.

b/d. EVA Foil

  • Allows for an excellent passing of light which amounts to more electrical energy
  • The gel used is of high quality and offers very good resistance against scaling and perfect encapsulation
  • Good resistance against wear from UV radiation
  • TUV Certified

The EVA Foil has an excelent life-span, with a 25 year warranty for the encapsulation and anti-yellowing resistance.


  • Long term efficiency and reliability
  • Good performance in high temperature, low solar radiation environments
  • EL tested – 100% tested on the production line with electroluminescence equipments
  • Positive tolerance for every panel
  • TUV Certified

The cells are of high quality, their performance is guaranteed also in low lighting conditions. They guaranteed to last against the PID (Potential Induced Degradation) phenomenon.


  • Tedlar based encapsulation foil
  • Excelent adherence and resistant against UV radiation
  • TUV/UL Certified
  • Available in: white / black / transparent

The backsheet is a product with a warranty issued by 3M or FUJIFILM, of great durability and resistant against aging and yellowing.


  • Anodized / elctrostatic aluminum, protected against wear from saline environments
  • Uniquely designed to withstand extreme mechanical loads
  • Available in: silver / black

These frames are resistant against saline fog and ammonia. Their design is unique, allowing for an 8000pa load and easy installation.

g. Junction Box

  • The bypass diodes ensure panel protection and are hingly reliable
  • Integrated connectors are standard world-wide
  • Excellent inner-heat dissipation
  • IP Code (Ingress Protection Rating): IP65 and IP67
  • Tested against fire
  • TUV/UL Certified

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