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Hydromatrix is a new innovative concept of hydraulic energy generation, combining the advantages of proven technology and low cost installation, which is easily integrated into existing dam structures or weirs. Projects that are not economically feasible with conventional turbine-generator designs can now be developed profitably by using the Hydromatrix approach. Several ground-breaking reference installations, each using the Hydromatrix concept under different site-specific conditions, have been operating successfully for more than 10 years. They are a testimony to the viability of this innovative approach for low head hydropower. Since no new civil structures are needed, the Hydromatrix technology enables customers to install hydroelectric power plants at far more competitive costs and with minimal environmental impact compared with conventional plants.

The Hydromatrix technology enables customers to tap into the unused hydropower potential of navigation dams, irrigation dams, intake towers, as well as canal weirs and unused ship locks by using these existing structures to develop a profitable renewable energy resource.

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