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- Model S1 - Small Vertical Wind Turbine


The ANew-S1 is a much improved take on a Darrieus vertical axis wind turbine design, and offers a number of technological advances on its competitors. It was specifically designed to be most effective at low and medium wind speeds of 3 to 9 meters per second, and it converts wind into electrical energy at unparalleled levels of efficiency. Due its low blade rotation speeds, the ANew-S1 promises to be one of the quietest turbines ever to be released on the market, perfect for residential and farm use. Because its blades travel at low speeds, and distances between blades are up to ten times larger than similar sized propeller-based turbines, the ANew-S1 does not interfere with local Radar systems, TV or Radio signals and poses no threat to local bird species. The tower of ANew-S1 stands at just 14.5 meters high, which preserves existing residential views and escapes some of the height regulations placed on privately owned turbines.

Residential Wind Turbine

Residential wind turbine is a small personal turbine capable of consistently generating enough power to provide all or most of your home energy needs. Therefore, selection of the wind turbine should start with the power production rate. Wind turbine could be considered residential (or suitable for a farm house) if it is capable of producing 1 kW of electrical energy at wind speed of 4 meters per second, and 3kW of energy at the wind speed of 6m/s. A turbine that cannot meet these basic power generating levels is not liekely to ever provide enough electricity for an average home. ANew-S1, rated 15kW at 11 meters per second wind speed, can meet these requirements easy! ANew-S1 can be ordered in On-Grid or Off-Grid versions. Off-grid version of the turbine will include a large battery bank, and can work together with your exisiting or new Solar PV and energy storage system.

One often overlooked, but important factor is quietness of operation. Wind turbines produce both aerodynamic and mechanical noises. To avoid making noise during its operation, a true residential wind turbine must have no gearbox, and it's blades must rotate at low speed. ANew Institute conducted specific turbine noise studies and determined that aerodynamic noise does not exist if the linear speed of blade rotation is less than 40 meters per second. Under such conditions, the noise produced by a spinning turbine will always be less than natural noise of the wind, or noise made by the trees in the wind.

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