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- Model 60 Cells - Cordierite Blocks



Ceramic blocks as heat storage body and advanced technical ceramics, by the advantage of high specific surface area, low pressure drop, low thermal resistance, excellent thermal shock resistance, realize quickly exchanging heat; Reducing energy in the strict sense (up to 97% of true thermal energy can be recovery).Available Size are

  • 150(L)*150(W)*150(H)mm , 150(L)*150(W)*300(H)mm
  • 150(L)*150(W)*100(H)mm,150(L)*150(W)*50(H)mm
  • 100(L)*100(W)*100(H)mm,  100(L)*100(W)*150(H)mm,
  • and others your requested.

  • Low pressure loss;
  • Low heat expansion;
  • High specific heat capacity;
  • High specific surface area;
  • Low pressure drop;
  • Low thermal resistance;
  • Low operating and maintenance costs;
  • High heat storage;
  • Good thermal conductivity

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