- Water Source Heat Pumps


In a joint venture with Kerr Controls, Wilson Titanium, and Philip Nickerson, 12 new heat pumps were designed, built, tested, and placed into a new DFO aquaculture facility in 2012. These heat pumps source heat from grey water leaving the hatchery and use it to heat incoming water.

The heat pumps are fully automatic reversible at the push of a button. The water path does not change when switching from heat mode to cool mode and vice versa.

The heat pumps are highly efficient consistently testing at COP’s > 4.0 for cooling and COP > 4.5 for heating. Depending on water temperatures some tests achieved heating COP > 5.0. With today’s oil prices, these heat pumps are significantly cheaper to use for heating than oil-fired boilers.

  • Only unit recommended by the Department of Fisheries for aquaculture
  • Evaporators & condensors matched to compressor for highest performance
  • PVC shell & titanium tube barrels for indefinitely long life
  • CRN #’s on barrels
  • No need to spend thousands of dollars for oil to heat your water
  • Built in Atlantic Canada
The same technology can be employed to achieve high efficiency in water chillers to achieve COP > 4.0

Having Aqua Production Systems customize your water chilling and/or heating needs will save you a lot of money and grief. Traditional lobster pound and aquaculture chillers are made using air conditioners and inefficient shell/tube exchangers. The end result is very short compressor life and a very low COP. Low COP means two things to your bottom line. First, you have had to buy more and/or bigger equipment to get the job done. Second, your power bill is higher than necessary.

If you are located in Nova Scotia, installing more efficient chillers may be eligible for an incentive as high as 50% of project cost through Efficiency Nova Scotia. Aqua Production Systems has the tools, and experience, to successfully take you through the process. Submit your contact information below to get your power consumption lowered.

  • Industry leading premium efficiency
    • Cooling COP ~4.0
    • Heating COP ~5.0
  • Fully reversible heat/cool function
  • Low flow operation available
  • All wetted parts are titanium or plastic

  • Built-in propriety technology that overcomes inherent inefficiencies in shell-tube exchangers.

This technology makes the reversible action possible and enhances effiency by using all heat transfer surface area available.

The heat pumps provide consistent reliable operation even when sourcing heat from water near the freezing point.

WTP’s reversible heat pump is designed to provide a continuous flow of heated or chilled water in heavy duty commercial and industrial applications. From 24/7/365 cold water demand of lobster pounds, to fish hatcheries with their variable flow and temperature applications, to industrial cooling processes, these heat pumps are built to run.

The heat pump operates refrigerant system coupled to high-efficiency shell/tube heat exchangers. The compressor compresses refrigerant gas, which is then cooled by the condenser (adds heat to process or grey water stream) into a liquid. The liquid refrigerant then expands and cools as it passes through a metering device (TXV) and absorbs heat in the evaporator (cooling the process or grey water stream) becoming a gas once again. The refrigerant now returns to the compressor to repeat the refrigeration cycle.

A manual or automatic heat-cool selector switch determines which is the condenser. Process water and grey can never mix.

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