Aquatreat bvba

- Model 690 - Low and Middle Pressure Steam Boilers



AQUATREAT 690 is a liquid product, suitable for the treatment of boiler water to prevent corrosion and deposits in the boiler. AQUATREAT 690 protects the steam and condensate lines against corrosion. Also, the product will slowly remove existing deposits. AQUATREAT 690 is phosphate free

AQUATREAT 690 will be injected continuously in a concentrated or in a diluted form, in the feedwater- line or directly in the boiler. AQUATREAT 690 will be dosed so that the concentration of sulphite ranges between 30 and 60 ppm SO3, and a positive hydroxyle alkalinity is obtained in the boiler-water. The pH of the condensate must range between 7,5 and 8,5.

Polyethylene drums of 22 or 220 litres or containers of 1000 litres.

AQUATREAT 690 is a reducing agent. Do not store with acids, alkali or oxidizing agents. Do not swallow. In case of contact with skin or eyes, flush with plenty of water. For eyes, get medical attention.

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