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Our technology is based on a simple idea: In order to meet the challenges of the world’s growing energy needs and increase the use of renewable power, we need large-scale energy storage systems that are high performance, safe, sustainable and cost-effective. Our founder, Professor Jay Whitacre, set out to solve this problem and discovered a simple and elegant solution that is a twist on a 200 year-old technology: saltwater batteries.

Aquion developed this solution into our patented Aqueous Hybrid Ion (AHI™) chemistry. Aquion’s Aspen batteries are sealed electrochemical energy storage systems based on our unique saltwater electrolyte. Unlike flow batteries, lithium ion batteries, and lead acid batteries, our Aspen batteries are made using abundant, nontoxic materials and modern low cost manufacturing techniques.  Our saltwater batteries are maintenance-free and optimized for daily deep cycling.

A unique chemistry.

Our unique Aqueous Hybrid Ion (AHI) chemistry is composed of a saltwater electrolyte, manganese oxide cathode, carbon titanium phosphate composite anode, and synthetic cotton separator. The battery utilizes non-corrosive intercalation reactions at the anode and cathode.

You’ve got the power. Don’t let it go. Control where you get your power, when you use it, and how much you pay for it.

Storing energy in Aquion’s Aspen batteries enables you to consume all the solar energy you produce and control your energy costs. Our environmentally-friendly solar batteries are optimized for daily deep cycling and provide robust, reliable performance with no maintenance requirements. Our batteries can also provide backup power during storms and outages to ensure that you have critical power when the grid is down.

Competing battery technologies have their drawbacks: lithium ion batteries can be dangerous, and lead acid batteries can be unreliable and maintenance-heavy. Aspen solar batteries are different because they’re safe, sustainable, simple, and resilient.

Solar is clean.  Solar batteries should be too.

Aquion batteries are the first and only batteries in the world to be Cradle to Cradle Certified™, an esteemed quality mark for products made from sustainable materials and manufacturing processes.

Our batteries are different. They’re made of non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials, and will not corrode or leak chemicals, making them a worry-free addition to your home.

We believe that solar energy storage shouldn’t come at the expense of our environment, and our batteries prove that designing for robust performance does not mean compromising on sustainability.

The only battery that’s safe enough for your home.

Safety is serious business when installing battery systems in homes. You’ve seen the news reports on battery fires. The chemicals in most battery technologies result in dramatic energetic release that is difficult to contain and extinguish, and hazardous toxins are released into the air.

Aquion’s Aqueous Hybrid Ion (AHI™) battery chemistry is inherently safe and is not capable of energetic thermal runaway. Our batteries have passed UL 1973 flame propagation testing. Watch us light them on fire here. (Spoiler alert: they don’t catch fire, and they cannot explode.)

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