Argyll Energy & Infrastructure Report



The Energy and Infrastructure Report is a risk screening report designed to assess the impact of new infrastructure projects on a property. It provides risk assessment for a number of different energy and infrastructure aspects in a single product.  These include screening information on drilling locations and land blocks which are licensed for oil and gas exploration (including fracking), Renewable Power Plants as well as wind generation and solar sites (either applications, proposed or under construction) and land impacted by the planned HS2 rail link.

The report provides a detailed assessment of energy and infrastructure issues that could affect the value and enjoyment of a property.

The information includes:

Key features

  • Indicates if a site is likely to be impacted by the proposed new High Speed 2 (HS2) rail network including depots and station locations.
  • Shows the nearest point of the proposed HS2 route, within 4km of rural areas and 2km of urban areas. Also establishes whether the route is in a tunnel, in a cutting, at ground level or on a viaduct and includes maximum speed of a train as it passes the property.
  • Clear mapping to show areas of land that are licensed for onshore energy exploration and production with details of the associated license provided
  • Identifies whether there are any planning applications for wind and solar farms close to the property and if there are any that have been approved and in construction.
  • Highlights if a site is within 2km of a renewable power plant including Anaerobic Digestion; Biomass; Co-firing (biomass with fossil fuels); Heat pumps; Hot Dry Rocks; Landfill Gas; Muncipal Solid Waste Combustion; Sewage Sludge Digestion.

Why is this important?

  • The government has recently increased commitment to HS2, giving cause for concern regarding the impact on property prices and noise pollution. This highly cost-effective report clearly identifies any legitimate issues.
  • These are all factors that affect the likely amount of noise pollution. For instance, if the track nearest to a property is underground or in a cutting, this should not cause noise disruption to residents.
  • Given the potential high impact of energy exploration and production, including hydraulic fracturing (fracking), the report enables you to meet your client care requirement and is a valuable addition to your due diligence obligations. Energy exploration is once more high on the government agenda, meaning that the likelihood of property and land being affected is also on the rise.
  • Property owners may be concerned with the presence of a wind farm close to their home or business. Some common concerns relate to their effect on the landscape, potential impacts to property price and noise pollution
  • Property owners may be concerned with the proximity of Renewable Energy Plants to their property.

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