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- Model uM6 - Solar Power Generator

The Arzon Solar uM6 is a fully integrated, easy-to-install CPV solar power generator designed for robust and reliable solar power electricity generation for commercial / industrial & parking lot applications. The uM6 can be shipped anywhere in the world and offers more power per surface area than any other PV system on the market. uM6 is powered by six Arzon Solar uModules. uM6 installation is easy and can be completed by traditional solar EPCs or general contractors.

30% Superior Efficiency
At 30%, the uM6 is the highest efficiency commercially available solar generator in the world.

40% Superior Cells
The reliable and proven 40% multi-junction cell is at the core of our high efficiency uModule.

16 kW Superior Power
The uM6 packs 16.1 kW DC CSTC into an easy to install, fully integrated, dual axis tracking system.

2,800 kWh/kW Superior Energy
In high DNI locations, the uM6 can deliver upwards of 2,500 – 2,800 kWh AC / kW AC CSOC, resulting in incredible land energy density.

uM6 Electrical Specifications

  • Rated Power CSTC1: 16 kW
  • Rated Power CSOC2: 14 kW
  • Module Efficiency3: 30%
  • Rated Voltage (Vmp CSOC): 475 VDC
  • Rated Current (Imp CSOC): 29 A
  • Open Circuit Voltage (Voc CSOC): 540 VDC
  • Short Circuit Current (Isc CSOC): 32 A
  • Temperature Coefficient of Power: -0.14%/ºC
  1. CSTC is 1000 W/m2, 25 ºC cell temperature
  2. CSOC is 900 W/m2, 20 ºC ambient temperature, 2 m/s wind
  3. CSOC Aperture efficiency

uM6 Physical Specifications

  • Weight: 7,326 lbs / 3,323 kg
  • Frontal Area: 710 ft2 / 66 m2
  • Outer Dimensions: 295” x 402” x 68”
  • 7.5m x 10.2m x 1.7m
  • Ground Interface: Buried or Flanged pedestal
  • Service and Upgrade: Lens and Plates are removable and upgradable

Environmental Specifications

  • Max survival wind speed: 90 mph / 40 mps stowed
  • Max operating wind speed: 40 mph / 18 mps direct
  • Operating temp range: -4ºF / -20ºC to 122ºF / 50ºC
  • Survival temp range: -40ºF / -40ºC to 140ºF / 60ºC
  • Impact resistance: Hail 1.0” (2.5cm) at 90 mph (40 m/s)

Transport Specifications

  • Shipment type and dunnage: Standard pallets with disposable support. Shipped via land, sea or railcar

Warranty and Certifications

  • Workmanship: 3 year limited product warranty
  • Performance: 25 year limited power warranty
  • Certifications: IEC621084
  • 4 - IEC testing currently in process

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