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- Model G12 - Heater



In 2000 Gasolec  B.V. introduced the G-series as larger capacity heaters operating on a low, fixed gas pressure. It started with the G12 Asco and the G12 Maxi Infrared Radiant Gas Heaters. Both are equipped with a Pilot Flame Ignition system and they operate at either Full Power or at Minimum power.  This was followed by the G12E which is equipped with Electric Ignition . This unit is operating at Full power or it is Off. This makes the G12E much more gas efficient than the pilot flame units showing gas savings of 25-30% in practice. Characteristic of the G12 is its unique reflector: it is designed to spread the heat over a larger area instead of focusing the heat on a hot spot.  The G12 heaters have a capacity of 12Kw or 42.000 Btu. All types are made of stainless steel and therefore resistant against chemicals and/or high pressure cleaning, which guarantees  a long life time span! 

Manual ignition of the pilot flame and it can be controlled by an existing climate control unit or a Gasolec Thermostat. Versions in 230Vac, 115Vac and 24Vac/12Vdc available

  • High Capacity 12kW (BTU 42.000)
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Operates on a low gas pressure
  • No moving parts => low noise level
  • Unique reflector design
  • Durability

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