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- Model G-25, G-25E - Pellet Boilers



Long-life. Beeing run carefully according instructions, Astra G wood gasifying will serve 10 or more years. Long combustion period of one fuel filling. The time period of one fuel load depends upon volume of fuel chamber and heat output transferred to heating system. The latter is correlated with thermal resistance of house, atmospheric temperature, quantity of heat users installed, type of fuel and it‘s humidity. The combustion of one fuel filling at Astra G series boiler will last 1,5-2 times longer as that one in a conventional cast-iron boiler. The data of market research on customer satisfaction shows that the customers who have run a wood gasifying boiler would not switch over to a wood conventional combustion boiler if they would be given a chance to do it.

  1. Long operation period between clean-ups. It suffices to remove ashes once a week from the lower chamber of Astra G wood gasifying boiler. The flue gases chamber has to be cleaned 1 time per month or two months, if the right fuel is beeing used during Astra G boiler operation. On the contrary, if the boiler is frequently filled with moist or having great bark, pitch content wood, clenning-up will become an often business task on your agenda. When we have been designing the Astra G wood gasifying boiler, we have paid attention to simplest and easiest ways of boiler clean-ups, for that purpose you do not need a special instruments or an aid of technician, just some your efforts supported with a metal scraper coming in one set with the Astra G wood gasifying boiler.
  2. High efficiency rate. The design of Astra G wood gasifying boiler is projected to sustain balanced and effective combustion, and to minimize heat loses coming out with flue gases to atmosphere.  
  3. Safety. Astra G wood gasifying boilers have certification of a third party independent laboratory upon the boilers consistency with the main solid fuel boiler production standard EN 303-5 (1999).
  4. Effective electronical control. Astra G wood gasifying boiler is supplied with fully automated electronical control panel, it handles the whole process of drying, degassing and actual combustion of fuel in the most effective way. The user friendly interface is simple to operate, it is not overburdened with functions of rare- or never-use. That type of handling also implies the lower probability of control panel break-down.
  5. Easy replaceable ceramic elements. After 5-7 years of boiler operation there exists a certain risk in a whatever boiler that ceramic components could crack, channels of a ceramic nozzle could burn through. That would not become a headache if you own Astra G wood gasifying boiler. The design of placement of ceramic components in our boiler is projected in the way the customer could him/herself to replace them and our sales representatives always have them in stock.

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