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Atec Biogas Plants


Our new and inventive technology can process a wide range of the available biomass. In contrast to standard biogas facilities fibrous plant cellulose can be decomposed rapidly. This is possible due to the special two stage design of the biogas plant. In the two containers/tanks the different microbiological reactions of the hydrolysis and the methanogenesis can be controlled independently in an optimal way (e.g. different pH and process temperature).

Comparison and advantages

Compared to standard biogas reactors our technology offers many advantages:

  • Utilization of wide range of biomass. Even substrates with high cellulose content can be processed.
  • Small footprint due to high throughput
  • Increased process stability

Ways of biogas utilization

Depending on the size and the needs of the customer there are different ways for using the biogas:

  • Storage
  • Power generation and
  • Waste heat utilization
  • Burning of biogas for efficient steam generation


Atec Environmental Engineering cooperates with experienced partners offering innovative technology. Besides sales and distribution another purpose of this cooperation is to adapt the technique to the different available kinds of biomass of the respective projects.

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