Advanced Technologies Group (ATGI)

- Airborne Podded Systems


ATGI designs and manufactures customizable pods to accommodate a growing need for self-powered podded system for EW & ISR applications.

ATGI podded system offering is ideal if you need:

  • To replace external mounted RAT
  • More electrical power
  • More room for electronic equipment
  • A modular system that fits on any platform
  • A rapid product development from design to prototype testing


  • ATGI high power podded systems are built around its patented compact power generation system (High-Power RAM Air Turbine).
  • In house design, analysis, manufacturing , wind tunnel test & environmental qualification
  • Multi platforms (commercial & military aircraft, UAV)
  • Multi missions
  • Short product development cycle even for custom solution
  • Custom solution offering (variable size, power rating, cooling methods, special feature integration…)

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