Advanced Technologies Group (ATGI)

- Non-Contacting Dynamic Seal


The ATGI, HALO Non-Contacting Dynamic Seal series is a unique compliant seal design utilizing hydrostatic principles to offer over a 50% reduction in leakage compared with conventional seals while maintaining this advantage for the full life of the seal application. When implemented into a new design, it can help reduce the overall rotor length, leading to lower weight turbomachinery. The ATGI HALO seal also adds damping to the rotor system, reducing engine vibration. The patented non-contacting seal has been proven to increase performance, lower fuel consumption for military and commercial gas turbine engines, and industrial gas turbines.

ATGI develops custom HALO seals to retrofit your existing turbomachinery applications.

HALO seal market applications and seal engineering services:

  • Dry gas compressors    
  • Commercial and Military
  • Gas Turbine Engines
  • Turbomachinery design    
  • Industrial Gas Turbines
  • Power Generation    
  • Seal Test Facilities

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