Aero Tec Laboratories Inc (ATL)

- Ballistic Fuel tank


For over 3 decades, ATL has produced self- sealing, self-healing, non-exploding BallistiCoat™ fuel tanks. These safety tanks are used by the U.S. Secret Service, C.I.A., state and local Law Enforcement agencies, U.S. Military, Heads of State and Corporate executives.

Working from stock OEM fuel tanks, ATL adds various levels of ballistic protection to help prevent fuel leaks, fires and explosions in armored cars, SUV's, limousines, police cruisers and combat vehicles including light tactical vehicles, MRAPs and JLTVs. BallistiCoat™ includes full safety foam baffling, gauge protection, access flanges, leak tests and certification. Shrapnel protection is also available via our process of adding multiple layers of aramid fiber material and coatings to our BallistiCoat™ tanks.

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