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ATL produces rubberized fabric bladder tanks in standard and custom sizes for offshore race boats, work boats, fishing boats, pleasure yachts, military special-ops boats, ski and drag boats and law enforcement patrol craft. ATL specializes in manufacturing marine fuel bladder tanks for both new OEM and retro-fit applications! ATL’s FluoroCell™ Bladders are a revolutionary step forward in the manufacturing of a totally flex-fuel compatible bladder. FluoroCells readily accept and resist (a) high-aromatic gasolines; (b) ethanol oxygenated fuels E10, E50, E85 and E100; (c) Jet Fuel A,B,4,5,8,10; (d) diesel, bio-diesel, bio-butanol, MTBE, (e) crude oil, Bunker C, #4 (f) octane boosters, (g) methanol and even aniline. No other bladder tanks can resist this full range of hi-performance fuels.

  • Superior scuff, cut and abrasion resistance over conventional fuel cell bladders.
  • Ultra-low permeation or 'diffusion' of fuel vapor.
  • No “extractables” like “gum residue” or “plasticizers” to leach out and contaminate fuel.
  • Unparalleled tolerance for continuous temperatures of 210°F (100°C) with brief excursions to 400°F (200°C)!
  • Environmentally “green” in that they reduce fuel vapor “diffusion” emissions to 1/100th that of conventional fuel bladders, and without need of any “barrier” coating.
  • Can be fitted with internal baffles, pump mounts, collectors etc., either during cell manufacture or later as an upgrade. In contrast, today’s vulcanized bladders are very difficult to modify once cured.
  • Readily repairable if ever damaged, unlike conventional fuel cells which absorb fuels and oils making them difficult to patch reliably.
  • Made from renewable domestic resources rather than derived from petroleum as all current-day fuel cells are. FluoroCell reinforcing-fabrics are produced from organic materials and then coated with elastomers synthesized from base minerals.
  • Pliable and fully deformable, yet totally self-supporting in their containers or cavities. This “stoutness” feature prevents FluoroCell bladders from being whipped and slammed about in their enclosures. That same self-support feature also allows FluoroCell bladders to maintain their shape without the need for internal foam baffling in most cases.
  • Exhibit a remarkable resistance to harsh environments, more so than any current fuel bladder design. FluoroCell elastomers display excellent resistance to: UV rays, shock, vibration, freeze-thaw cycles, ozone, acids, salt water, alkalies, hydraulic fluids, and even NBC hazards. Typical dampness-related conditions such as mold, fungus, mildew and hydrolysis are also no match for FluoroCell’s impervious compounds.
  • “Non-aging” in that they don’t suffer from volume swell, delamination and surface “crazing” as many other fuel cell bladders do over time. Life expectancy is 15 to 30 years.

ATL's SuperCell® Marine Fuel Cells are produced on Ballistic Nylon woven fabrics.

ATL’s SuperCell® Marine Fuel Cells are lightweight, super tough, impact and puncture resistant, non-exploding, non-corroding, and immune to shock and vibration. They are fully foam baffled for surge suppression, and are impervious to race fuels, jet fuel, diesel and most additives.

NOTE: Due to the elastomeric nature of ATL Super Cell® fuel bladders, a certain amount of vapor loss or 'diffusion' will occur. Super Cell® bladders should be placed within a fully vented compartment so as to preclude the possible accumulation of fuel odor.

Methanol bladders are also available, as is a full complement of accessories including: fuel fittings, cap assemblies, gauges, pumps, surge tanks and interconnecting valves.

ATL Racing Fuel cell bladders are used by Fountain Power Boats, Outerlimits Power Boats, MTI, Turbine Marine, Mystic Powerboats, Nor-Tech, Seebold Racing and many other top performers. Life expectancy is 10 to 20 years.

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