- Model FTE Series - Thermal Fluid Electric Boiler



The ATTSU FTE thermal fluid electric boiler uses electricity for thermal energy. It is transformed into heat by electrical resistances submerged in the thermal fluid with very high thermal performance and very fine working condition adjustments. Because they are easy to install and clean, they are ideal for use in laboratories.

Standard models starting at 15 kW and temperatures from 300 ºC.

  • Special models may be offered for applications in steam phase.
  • With over 50 years of experience and ongoing research, we have developed an FTE boiler with a uniform and stable film temperature. This translates into an important long-term heating fluid lifespan.
  • Due to the very thick, high density insulator, the FTE boiler is one of the boilers with the least heat lost from radiation.
  • Standard heat differential of 20 şC. For other differential temperatures, please contact us.
  • Special models for very high temperatures (400 şC or thermal fluid in vapor phase).
  • The FTE boiler is certified in accordance with European Directive 97/23/CE, designed in accordance with the TRD code and built in accordance with DIN-4754, UNE 9300-90, UNE 9310-92 and TRD.
  • The FTE boiler may be supplied (if ordered) together with the ATTSUTROL electrical cabinet with built in automation for remote control systems.
  • The FTE boiler, thanks to the single setup control, incidence indicators, automatic blocking against erroneous maneuvers and a panel with summarized maintenance instructions makes it very reliable and comprehensible to the boiler operator.
  • The FTE boiler can be supplied (upon request) ATEX, to be placed in risk of explosion environments.

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